Officina Meccanica CICIONI S.a.s." has been successful in the mechanical sector since 1913 and has established itself in general industrial hydraulic equipment and, in particular, in the production of all types and sizes of plant parts and cylinders.

The company has gained experience through a constant, qualified presence in this specific branch of industry.

To guarantee the highest quality, every stage of manufacturing is performed in-house by our specialized technical staff.

Solidity and durability of our products are guaranteed by paying particular attention to the selection of materials and by executing continuous controls.

Our many years of experience permits us to produce products for various mechanical sectors, thus allowing us to be versatile and meet any customer's request.

Officina Meccanica  Cicioni Giampaolo s.a.s.

Via Antonio Ranocchia, 17
06055 Marsciano (PG), Italy
Cod. Fisc. e P. IVA 02270340546 
N° Rea PG: 205966 - N° iscriz. Albo Artigiani PG: 70359        


☎ +39 075 879196




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